Machete Girl, the Proxy War – Series

A Cyberpunk experience like no other, a Neo-topian political hacker war that will change the world.”

Pilot Elevator Pitch:

A war for resources fought online is coming to an impasse. Chloe, in alignment with a group of technophobe mercenaries, must hack into a proxy communications tower in the real world whilst overwhelming the system in the virtual and find out who is really behind the war. The future of the planet depends on it.

About the team:

The writing team are comprised of Sara Elizabeth Joyce (Blue Mountains), Michael Wray (Sydney), Sarah Mawbey (Los Angeles), Mikayla Daniels (Washington State). Each have unique backgrounds as professionals in the industry. Sara has worked as a Producer in Australia and Japan, has worked as a content creator in politics and worked in construction at Fox Studios on Sci-fi films such as Alien Covenant and Pacific Rim 2 and as an independent feature film editor. Michael has been a Continuity specialist on many films and shows. Sarah has worked as a Writer and Actress in film in Australia, the USA and Asia. Mikayla works for the broadcaster PBS in Washington State as a writer and editor as well as appearing on tv as a host for Saturday Night Cinema.

A bit of history on the project

Machete Girl began as a cyberpunk magazine publication in 2010. In 2012 we began work on a promotional web series which was to help establish the unique world of Machete girl for the fans. While the magazine continued through to today, the series took a back seat until January 2020. “Machete Girl” is a metaphor for “Hacker Girl” and is the Virtual Reality avatar of Chloe Raynor.

Show Cross

Set in a cyberpunk dystopian future Machete Girl has a strong female lead, fighting against all odds as a hacker, while maintaining her cover as a wealthy low level political figure.

It’s Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, meets Alias, meets Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles


Chloe is a wealthy aspiring low level politician by day who quietly fights for the rights of citizens in the back benches of the world congress. By night she is a legend in the hacking community under the alias Machete Girl.

What are we looking for?

We are looking to partner with companies such as visual effects studios and VOD distribution channels to get our 10 minute pilot made which we will then pitch as a series.

How do you stop an evil artificial intelligence from taking over humanity?

Watch the Hacker Chronicles intro we shot in 2012.

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