Beyond Memory (Extended Version) – By Sara Rael

While writing the first novel for Machete Girl this is the track I’ve listened to the most. We all have our own versions of what Cyberpunk Music is to ourselves. I guess this track and indeed the album “Sleepwalking” has helped me shape the characters I’ve been writing.

Beyond Memory has a unique blend of 80’s charm with neon lit dark corners and is not an easily forgettable track for those who are into synthwave, edm or most other types of ongaku.

I feel like NINA transports us into a unique digital world, like the universe of TRON or the more melancholy parts of the matrix. For myself NINA’s music perfectly expresses the journey of Chloe Raynor in Machete Girl, World of Shattered Dreams. Complimenting Chloe’s own existentialism of the virtual, accessed by nanomites or invasive trodes.

The video-clip shot for NINA could easily be mistaken for a karaoke replacement for a song, but i think that only enhances its charm. We cyberpunks who live on the edge of night, barely escaping the influence of the neon glow can appreciate the drunken moments after a successful hack, celebrating with “near friends”over a bottle of sake and a bit of over the top karaoke in the underground.

Albeit not the extended version:

NINA’s latest album Synthian, expands your mind deeper into the 80’s trode and I must confess that she is no one hit wonder. I have demonstrated my loyalty by purchasing both deluxe albums via bandcamp for 12 pound each. Something about it reminds me of saving up for the music I truly wanted to buy at the record store on cassette tape.

All I need to do now is convert my raspberry pi into some lame ass portable game and my nostalgia will be complete.

You need to pay attention to NINA, although I’m already so impressed by her, I feel her best work is yet to come. What ever way you look at it, NINA has a lot of 80’s neon heart.

Check here out here:

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