rAndom mEmory 1014: – by Liam Legion

I had no business being there. I never should’ve been there, but it was one of my social experiments gone horribly, horribly wrong.

…and so there i was, rocked outta my fucking mind on LSD, MDMA and enough booze to drown a high school football team. Either that dumb bitch was too fucking clueless to know what she was doing or was just diabolical enough to engineer it. I found myself wandering the streets on the far side of midnight, trying to remember where in the hell the liquor store was located.

Given the chemical composition of my brain and the sheer amounts of combichrist blaring at inhumane levels in my ears, it’s nothing short of a miracle that i managed to purchase more booze without stabbing anyone or alerting police to my condition.

I remember listening to the birthday massacre while smoking a cigarette and retracing my steps, trying to block out the raging demons that had become my thoughts. Finding her apartment building and praying to whatever arcane gods listening that i’d remember what number to press in the elevator. I can’t recall if anyone else had been in close space with me, but i do hope someday they’ll forgive me.

The moment shattered as i tried not to drown in the surreal ass carpet in the maze of hallways as i wondered why i hadn’t severed my skin to leave a blood trail to help me find my way back… and for all of my efforts? …Naught.

The best i would hope for is falling into oblivion away from her, obsessed with the singular thought: why the fuck am i here?

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