Cyberpunk Clothing – Part II – by Sara Rael

As a follow up to my article in Neon Dystopia which you can see from here:

I thought it might be awesome to come back to it five years later and see what changes there have been, what new wearable tech is out there and if society has adopted cyberpunk clothing at all… the good short answer is a resounding YES!

While wearable technology is still something that isn’t mainstream, there are at least more examples and better technology woven into threads these days.

Lets start with the companies that posted comments on my article that are still around and aren’t completely non cyberpunk.

Crisiswear, one of the earliest contributors to this magazine’s photoshoots, is still around and kicking it hard. With clothes for the modern day subversive. They don’t skimp on detail either. You could imagine yourself walking around Night City in their gear and not look out of place. Personally, the more i see people wearing crisiswear gear the more interesting the society. For their awesome shit go here:

Y3 have gone into some next level “Inspired by homelessness” design shit. Capturing what i think to be the sadness of the Millennial Generation. If i were homeless on the streets of Tokyo, i feel like this is what i would want to wear. Obviously it would be far from affordable, maybe the government can subsidise this clothing as the uniform for homeless neon city dwellers? y-3

If you are a fan of Dune, you’ll love this shit. Demoboza have some very interesting urban and desert dystopian gear. All very high fashion, of course. You’re more likely to see this kind of wear at an exclusive fashion event rather that on the streets where those people spit on us down below. Still who doesn’t want to look good in this gear?

New Stylish are still around and have some interesting pieces for men. It’s good actually to see them come a long way with more variety and more grunt for your extreme street cyberpunk presence to be felt by scared little trodeless grey humanoids. Check out their stuff here:

If you’re looking for something more survivorware based, then PSYLO look pretty good for all things Burning Man or just for wearing on the streets of Byron Bay.

Read the full article with wearable technology from the Full Edition from here:

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