DISCLAIMER: IAN ROSE has campaigned extensively on Julian’s behalf, organised protests and rallies working with Senators and Julian Assange’s Father. His opinions are based on available facts and may or may not be those of Machete Girl Magazine. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to write exclusively for Machete Girl…

The life of a Hacker turned world class Journalist, from Mendax to Julian Assange.

We are all unique and wonderful people, and once in a generation society throws up someone truly exceptional, usually due to timing and placement beyond their own control.

Julian Assange is one such person, as a teenager he and his friends were alive just as the personal computer revolution was starting. And these innocent children were challenging themselves and each other with their hacking abilities. Julian and his friends hacked NASA, the people who were smart enough to land a man on the moon, so you can imagine the thrill these teenagers had in doing so. What is often overlooked is they did no damage to NASA, as it was all about honing their skills, and I imagine the adrenaline rush from such an accomplishment.

After this accomplishment Julian was offered all sorts of computer coding jobs in various sectors, most of which he refused, but one he did take up was to bust two major paedophile rings with the Victorian and Australian Federal Police.

Decades later when Julian set up WikiLeaks he still had the Impeccable integrity he had as a youth. And it is this we have to look at as a way of helping explain his current plight.

1.) Julian Assange has threatened the multi Trillion Dollar industry by exposing the war crimes and war profiteering with the offenders’ own words and actions. So it’s no wonder the US has spent 100s of Millions of dollars to smear Julian Assange.

2.) It is also worth noting that the UK is in on this as they broke International Laws and protocols by not allowing him to leave the embassy via a diplomatic car to the airport.

3.) The UK is flouting International Laws and conventions by holding him in solitary confinement at Belmarsh Prison. Assange has only 2 visits per month, and that includes all his legal representatives, family and friends visits. The UK is preventing him from building his own defence, and not even allowing him any reading materials.

4.) According to Ret. Brig. Gen. Robert Carr at Chelsea Manning’s trail no lives were lost orendangered. And Former Défense Secretary Robert Gates told Congress that the reactions to the leaks were “significantly overwrought.”

5.) Assange’s work did not get Trump elected. Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 Million votes. It was the US Electoral College that overturned the popular vote, by the widest margin ever. The US look for blame anywhere rather than look at their own flawed electoral system.

6.) there were never any charges in Sweden and despite the allegations by vested interests One of the so-called allegers, SW has refused to sign any of the documents. Stating she was not raped, and it her consent that has been violated for 10 years. Note, when Swedish authorities decide someone has been raped, they are assigned legal representation and legal media representation, whether they like it or not. SW and AA were assigned Cleas Borgstrom. Borgstrom, Marianne Nye (the prosecutor who reopened the case), AA and the police woman that took the statements, all stood united on the same political platform for Swedish federal elections at the time.. Cleas Borgstom’s lawyer business partner at Borgstrom & Bodstrom, Karl Bodstrom was an adviser to Karl Rove (US war criminal who can’t enter Europe for fear of being charged with war crimes) and an adviser to the then Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrickson.

It is up to all of us to be supporting Assange, write to and or visit your local MP and call on them to call on the Government to end the attempted US extradition. Because if this unsigned and un-agreed upon extra territorial jurisdiction goes ahead, we will all be doomed.

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