New Powers for the ASD – by Sara Rael

The Australian Signals Directorate will soon turn on its own citizens by spying on Australians under the smoke screen of catching paedophiles and terrorists. The issue i find with this whole thing is that it gives a blank cheque to this organisation to catalogue everything anyone does online, so even if they suspect you of hacking or downloading music or films, then they can spy on you with unlimited and previously unthinkable powers which completely bypass any kind of digital rights which so many have fought for for decades. Part of the five eyes Alliance, Australia has been spying on other countries for years and at the end of 2018, the government passed the Assistance and Access Bill (or ASS) which paved the way for dissolving Digital Rights in Australia.

The obviously incredible talented and highly trained Australian Police Forces (note the sarcasm) will be able to call on Australia’s Cyber CIA to track down and attack any citizen it sees fit. We’ve already seen the Australian Federal Police clearly abuse its power by raiding the offices of Journalists when they exposed the murder of Afghan Citizens by Australian soldiers and it being covered up. Australian courts have come to the government’s aid by “making it legal” (think Palpatine) and further eroding the role that journalists have to play in exposing government corruption. The main organisation fighting the government is the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (A Union like SAG) and they have managed to get some media exposure around this making things difficult for this corrupt administration.

From a circumvential perspective it’s already hard enough to “keep the government out of your computer. I’ve been experimenting with ways over over flooding metadata so that the data is so obscure and difficult to interpret. But of course, these people are dedicated enough to sift through the data and will soon be circumventing any thought of privacy. I guess its hard to see how we can win this but if you look into how terrorist organisations function fighting off the biggest privacy invader on the planet (i didn’t say CIA, you said CIA) there are ways to circumvent governments from prying into your files, but (and this is a big but) you don’t want to be mistaken for being a terrorist… especially not in one of the five eyes nations.

The five eyes… they easily could be passed off as Bond Villains couldn’t they?

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