Cyberpunk Pillz – by Sara Rael

Being a Cyberpunk, dealing with mild depression and the fucksticks who try to cure us.

In our world there is loneliness of some sort and social anxiety which drives us to work from the shadows and hack or attack fools indiscriminately. As society pushes forward to the brink we will definitely be seeing more in the way of nano drug solutions and hypocritical pseudo medical professionals offering us freedom from our ills. Since the early days of the wild west of the web pseudo science has been there led by a bunch of hacks trying to offload the latest gimmick or drug which ultimately we know will not cure our ills but create more problems. I’m not even going to start on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candles (She should be locked up by the way).

There’s a freedom in knowing that you are part of the subversive collective. Even if you Trode solo, it’s those little wins that keep us going. It might come in the form of a successful hack or a music mix you’ve just downloaded finding layers in the strings of the soundtrack to your digital sea. Obsession and love also appear on horizon from time to time just never forget that those are more often than not pussy, dick or slide traps and not at all what you are expecting them to be.

It’s those little wins that I want to focus on. Remember back in the 90’s when the first energy drinks were coming out? My favourite was a one called “Magic” which I just had to have if I was going to code or going into battle on half life with that gorgeous rival cyber goth chick at the local cyber cafe. I asked her out for months but little did I know that all I had to do was let her win a game before she decided to make out with me. I didn’t by the way, she beat my ass from that time on. Little Wins…

I think as you get older you hold on to those experiences more, they become little gemstones you can stare at when depression comes a knocking. You find your bag of tricks to deal but I don’t think you really get cured per se, and that’s why the attitude of promising drug relief is so dangerous. Don’t get me wrong there are those who definitely need to be medicated but don’t ever look upon it as a cure. Even the promise of nano drugs of the future is just so fucking dangerous. Play Deus Ex Human Revolution as an example.

Filling your time with distractions is no cure either. If you don’t feel like you are pursuing the things you love then you are distracting yourself, life might be easier being a salaryman or working in some field you have no passion for, you might be struggling on benefits or you might be on the street and have determined that this is all you deserve. I think if you have a computer or mobile device and you are reading this right now that you have the potential to change the world in your own way. You might give in from time to time and its okay to be a failure in the eyes of others but what the fuck do they know. They don’t know you. They don’t know your exploits. They don’t know that you charmed your way out of being shot in a ditch or you got to kiss that one. Your life is not over. You are part of a larger army of online comrades who are fighting to keep the digital world free.

Keep making forward steps and you will see.

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