Rediscovering the freenet – by Sara Rael

An ongoing exploration of where and why shit should be free on the net.

Recently I’ve been cutting down on the services i use from online paid video streaming platforms to music services and anything else that has been leaking my purse. In a bizarre way i feel like I’m rediscovering what the internet was designed for in the first place. A wild fucking platform where anything can happen, as opposed to the boring ins and outs of modern life. Unfortunately the internet has become a part of that and i wanted to explore what happens when i go a little bit deeper in order to find shit i ordinarily wouldn’t otherwise find.

Now a bit of a disclaimer; while yes I’m searching for ways to keep money leaking out of my asshole like a sieve, i still support artist where i can, especially independent artists or programmers or filmmakers. If there’s a mega corporation behind the work however i will go to fucking town.

First thing i did was turn off Netflix, Amazon and Disney (Why did i even sign on to Disney in the first place sigh… baby fucking Yoda), then painfully turned of my YouTube subscription… I’d become so dependant on it that i didn’t mind paying the fifteen or so bucks for the service and it sort of had become a drug for me. Just think of it as evil corporate nanites that had infected my sense of reasoning. I immediately went to qBittorrent and saw that there was an upgrade. Now I’d only been using it very sparingly to look up shit but not use but I knew this is the first place I needed to look. I looked up Napster but like most things it’s gone subscription based now. They (subscription based entities) entice you in with those fucking 30 day trials and then charge you before the 30 day trial begins so that you have to spend at least a month with them and you are more likely to get addicted.

Of course whatever you search for you still need to use a browser and search engine like DuckDuckGo or Torrent Freak for updated info, remembering I bought into the corporate animal for a while and this is all about rediscovery. You’ll need to use a proxy to access most sites from Australia these days. Pretty east to find like or the Pirate Bay’s own proxy

So now that I’ve got a couple of old retro wave files. I need something to play them in that’s not gonna fuck me up so much. I thought Winamp really is the one old reliable so I downloaded that I giggled so hard when I heard the Winamp intro again after all these years “Winamp, it really ‘still’ whips the Llama’s ass”

So while that has taken care of some of my audio needs, there’s still some limitations which I need to break. Most notably with latest tv shows and films and having to click on incoming spam advertisements constantly. Again I will note I will support independent artists and films where I can, course if they want to be cunts then fuck em.

The next thing, because our digital rights don’t exist anymore, is to use tor or a VPN for searching to mask your IP Address. Using PPTP on Windows 7,8 or 10 you can create your own VPN Server but that comes with its own vulnerabilities.

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