Machete Girl Magazine

Here are some of the articles, featured and non featured, in various issues of the Magazine – Download the new issues by going to Series 9 and the Archive

Machete Girl, The Proxy War – Novel

The first in the series of the Hacker Chronicles launches 2022!

The GITS SAC Journey Part 1 – by Sara Rael

Ghost in the Shell has been around in one form or another since 1989 and known as known in Japan as Mobile Armored Riot Police The most impressive part of which is the first two Stand Alone Complex Series that has tormented our imaginations of a cyber brain future. In this article I’m gonna focus in…

Beyond Memory (Extended Version) – By Sara Rael

While writing the first novel for Machete Girl this is the track I’ve listened to the most. We all have our own versions of what Cyberpunk Music is to ourselves. I guess this track and indeed the album “Sleepwalking” has helped me shape the characters I’ve been writing. Beyond Memory has a unique blend of…

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